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  • Member: Hareoic
  • Title: Stop Killing Yourself
  • Premiered: 2009-03-25
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    • Eric Idle Bright Side of Life
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    Hooray for both better editing programs and not using the same anime as before. And the logo's not too bad for a first try either. Also, hooray for irony and semi-convincing lip sync. This was something that took about 45 days to do, mostly because I didn't have any plan before I started on it. So here's to making it up as you go.

    Despairing Nozomu is despairing. Frighteningly cheerful Kafuka is frighteningly cheerful. Her telling him to be optimistic is utterly futile, as well as her pleas for him to stop dying. Then again, the latter isn't always his fault. (sometimes it's hers)

    Made with Premiere CS4, Photoshop CS3 Extended and AMVapp 3 beta.

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