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  • Member: Andika
  • Title: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Premiered: 2009-02-11
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    • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring trailer
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  • Comments: So... um...I began to made this fan trailer back in september. But I kinda dropped it.
    Now, I had the mood to finish it.
    I tried to follow the original trailer's pace, and keep the characters.

    Here is the cast:
    Frodo as Tsuna
    Sam as Basil
    Merry as Yamamoto
    Pippin as Gokudera
    Gandalf as Kyuudaime
    Aragorn as Mukuro
    Legolas as Ryohei
    Gimli as Lambo
    Boromir as Hibari
    Sauron as Xanxus
    Elrond as Dino
    Arwen as Chrome
    Galadriel as Haru

    I know Gokudera could be Sam too... but my 8059 fangirl heart just didn't allowe that. Moreover, Pippin and Merry is good enough as Goku and Yama. Yama has swords so he could be Aragorn too. But Yama never got close to any girl, so the kiss scen with Arwen and Aragorn would be impossible with him.
    Thank you for understanding!

    Enjoy ^3^

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