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  • Member: Relliknl
  • Title: Entangled Destiny
  • Premiered: 2008-09-28
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    • X-Ray Dog Planet 9
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  • Comments: I first didnt want to release this video because it's a unfinished product. My hard drive crashed beyond affordable repair and my back-up was far behind the current state. But I decided to release it anyway because even though there are flaws in it I still like it.
    Won the first place at abunaicon in the Netherlands. It is my first time I won there so that was also release it anyway. You must also no mind the size because this was the only thing I had left of it. And i dont want to re-encode an xvid encode.

    Okay enought about the release now about the amv self. I always wanted to create an still image amv. There was an sort of project for an m@d mep but that never got of the ground. But i liked what i create for it and i wanted to do an upbeat one at first. But then I was starting to play the mai hime game and I liked it and i wanted to create an amv with it. I had it all figured out in my mind and it was easy to create an storyboard.
    The only thing at was a challenge was photoshoping images and animating stuff. Also figuring particle illusion out was a challenge at first but i got soon the hang of it.
    I spent alot of hours in it and it was all worth it. from photoshoping images to drawing the' magical' signs.

    I hope you all will enjoy it, I enjoyed making it anyway.

    First place Abunai (the netherlands)
    Honorable Mention: MOST PROFESSIONAL! Otafest

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