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  • Member: Aleeight
  • Title: Frozen Sacrifice
  • Premiered: 2008-04-24
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    • Skillet Will You Be There?
    • Within Temptation Frozen
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  • Comments: This video is a Team 7 tribute with Sasuke as a focus. It was made before the revelations in the Naruto manga around chapter 400, but I still hope that it somehow can still be true.

    Many people have tried to understand the reasons behind Uchiha Sasuke's betrayal. The obvious reason would be that he went to seek power from Orochimaru in order to kill his brother, Itachi. Power is what Sasuke feels he needs in order to carry out his mission in life of avenging the death of his clan, yet he refused to gain one form of power that would have put in on more equal footing with his brother.

    He refused to gain the Mangekou Sharingan. This was the ultimate technique of Sasuke's family that was used by Itachi against him. This technique greatly affected Sasuke and caused him to partly go crazy in the end. Yet, gaining it comes with a price of having to kill your best friend or closest companion. Sasuke refused to take this step against Sakura and even against Naruto in the end. His last words before entering the world of Orochimaru was that he refused to gain power this way (paraphrased- look at opening of my video for exact wording).

    My theory is that ultimate reason why Sasuke left was so that he didn't have to be tempted in the end to take Naruto or Sakura's life in his quest for power to destroy his brother. He had tried to do this before in his fight with Naruto, but had decided in the end not to, even when Naruto was defenseless. A look of sorrow and regret covered his face as he walked away. This also carries out into Shippuuden

    My theory is that the reason why Sasuke is so cold in Shippuuden, especially with Naruto and Sakura, is because he is trying in every way he can to stop them from chasing after him. He doesn't want to be tempted again to destroy them in his quest for power.

    I am not saying that Sasuke is justified by any means in all of this. Just that Sasuke could actually be trying to protect Naruto and Sakura, especially from himself, in a very messed up, but desperate way.

    This video was also made with Song Vegas 8. I hope you can enjoy it!

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