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  • Member: Enigmagic
  • Studio: Enigmagic Studios
  • Title: Forgive and Regret
  • Premiered: 2003-04-29
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    • Saliva Always
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  • Comments: 3/2003

    My first video done with DVD source material, this is my first video that I had complete control over all the elements from start to finish. My POS computer decided to give me the finger when I compressed this one, but the quality is great regardless. This is also the first video I did entirely in After Effects, not Premiere, and have decided that I will never touch Premiere again unless I absolutely have to. Chris Arnone (of Gothic Rose Productions, go check him out) was complaining that he had three or four ideas that would fit the song perfectly were it not for the line “…the pistol’s shakin’ in my hand…” when I came up with the idea. He gave me right of way on the song and I ran with it. I tried to focus more on the darker aspects of Yuki’s character rather than the comedic aspects that are 80% of the show.
    Warning: This video has LOTS of spoilers from 15 seconds or so all the way to the end.

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