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  • Member: Aleeight
  • Title: KyLewin's Time and Again
  • Premiered: 2008-12-26
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    • Garth Brooks To Make You Feel My Love
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  • Comments: This video is actually a fan-made video about the Naruto fanfiction story "Time and Again" by the author KyLewin who can be found on It is my my own depiction of the story, but the video was endorsed by the fanfiction author.

    The summary for the story is:
    "Time Travel fic. In a war torn future, in the burning ruins of Konohagakure, Naruto fights Orochimaru and loses as the world collapses around him. From that ending comes a new beginning and a new chance to set things right, if only he can figure out how.."

    I used many different mediums for this video such as fanart and manga plus the regular video. I had to do this for the reason that the story is about Naruto going back in time and fixing things in that past and this video tries to depict that. So I had to use older Naruto pictures to depict that he is looking back and forward over his complicated life as the story tells.

    This was the best that I could do and isn't entirely accurate to KyLewin's story. Fanart people have different ideas on how older Naruto could look and it was hard finding art that depicted a unison of looks and what the author described in the story. But I could not be perfect. It was sometimes a toss-up between using a good picture or being totally accurate to the story.

    So I hope you enjoy the video! I enjoyed making the video a lot. I also recommend going to read the story as well. It is one of my favorite fanfiction stories ever and deserves to be read if you enjoy that sort of thing.

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