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  • Member: Arczi
  • Studio: Amv Samurai Production
  • Title: Fighting Spirit II
  • Premiered: 2009-01-30
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  • Song:
    • Venus Hum Do You Want To Fight Me?
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    It all began about a year ago, after I saw a wonderful amv Don't Break made by one of my favorite editors, Ileia . Thanks to this amv I got to know the song "Do you want to fight me" by Venus Hum. One day, while listening to that song on my mp3 player, an idea of creating amv to Hajime No Ippo came to my mind. And that is how it all began. I listened to this song countless times in a row, catching the tune, beats, lyrics, I analyzed it, imagining the sequence, the effects, the emotions that I want to show. However, I started to wonder - should I really make this project ? One of my rules is to never create an amv to songs which are background for outstanding projects. I realized I will never make a better amv thanIleias Don't Break . For two months I was asking myself whether to do this or not. I was in the middle of work on Shake That then, so I had plenty of time to consider my next project. In the result, I came to a conclusion that my amv would be different from Ileia's. Different idea, different editing, effects, style, story, idea, so why shouldn't I try ? Also, I knew that if I don't try now, I will regret it in the future. Therefore, I finished shake that and began the preparations for the project. After editing the first stanza and refrain I knew something was wrong, something didn't fit... To be precise, it didn't look the way I had imagined it in my head. I showed it to my friends, to know their opinion. And afterwards... I gave up on the project. The part I made was weak and not serious enough, not the way it should be. Full of sorrow I deleted everything connected with that amv (just in case, so it wouldn't bother me anymore). It was about 6 months ago. Afterwards I devoted myself to MEPs and smaller projects. However, at the beginning of January everything came back to me, along with the song left on my mp3 player. I had the vision again, with all the improvements I could introduce, to correct my previous mistakes in part one. This time I begun with the second stanza and refrain, I changed the editing, its style and then I finally felt - that was it ! The work moved smoothly forward. Despite my job (which is also about editing, but for a TV station), all day I thought only about returning home and continuing the editing. And thanks to that, the clip was finished after a month.

    Fighting Spirit II ?

    In the first part of Fighting Spirit I showed the life and fight of Sendo, his determination and will of success. In Fighting Spirit II I wanted to present the story of the main character: Ippo Makunouchi. I divided the clip into three parts: Beginning (sparring fight with Miyata), the start in professional boxing league and Ippo's new opponents, and two major fights for the Japanese Champion Belt. In part two Ippo falls down after yet another hit, he is worn out and has no strength to carry on fighting, he gives up, but suddenly remembers all his previous opponents, the difficulties of his training, the preparations for each and every fight. With this, he gathers strength and always gets up after a fall.

    To be (or not to be?) continued... ?

    Yes, for the time being I have a few other ideas connected with Hajime no Ippo (many more), and I will create a continuation of Fighting Spirit. Maybe then I will present the story of Miyata - Ippo's greatest opponent. Or maybe it will be a simple amv about box and boxers. We will see. I know one thing for sure, my sentiment to this series and the anime's continuation (Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger) motivate me for further work .

    Special thanks go to:

    Kaeth - for always being with me, for her support, help, and betatests ^^

    Crossfade - for his help, betatest and unaware strength support during my time of nervous breakdown

    -Heero- - for translation

    wyspa - for the poster

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