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  • Title: The Animatrix Reloaded (Final Theatrical Trailer)
  • Premiered: 2003-04-21
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    • Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures The Matrix Reloaded SuperBowl Trailer Audio
    • Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures The Matrix Reloaded Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: Why the use of live action and anime footage for this trailer:

    To establish the difference between the matrix and the real world. I thought it would be nice just to edit all the things that happen in the trailer that takes place in the matrix only and just leave the real world footage alone. I also gave the anime footage a slight green overtone for those matrix fans out there. This might be weird for some people but thats the reason for the live action footage and IM NOT CHANGING IT!

    Most of the cast members in this trailer are mostly the same in the old version of this but for those who doesnt rememeber:

    Kamui = Neo
    Belldandy = Trinity
    Karou = Morpheus
    Roger Smith = Agent Smith

    The one thing people complained about in the old version was that I had alot of people from X and Misato who didn't have a role. Well thats not true for most of them.

    Anyone from X = Agent programs
    Misato = Persephone

    Whos Persephone? I don't know myself but all I've been hearing is that shes the queen of the matrix.

    In this trailer, we saw the new character Niobe(played by Jada Pinkett Smith) have a speaking role so the role of Niobe went to Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats.

    Special thanks to Zarxrax for a AE effect at 0:29 in the trailer and to Non-Professional for hosting. ^^

    Enjoy the trailer and feedback would be nice. ^^


    Honorable Mention at ACen 2003 for Original Concept

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