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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Mortalis
  • Premiered: 2009-01-22
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    • Tori Amos Winter
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  • Comments: sooo Autraya makes drama.
    The world ends.

    this was certainly a struggle to make and finish, i was having attacks of nosaglia the whole way through making it too, from when i first heard this song, i was roe playing Vampire at a friends house back in 1994/5 and that's when Autraya was first created, for those who don't know it was the name of my character in a game that spanned years and never died. So Colin, Ben, Karlee and all those who joined in over the years but are gone, this is for you, and no i haven't gone insane and soppy before you ask i just got a bug up my arse to make this so I did.

    This song was more difficult for me to edit to than any action vid i've ever made. It was harder than i expected, much harder. I hope you find it different to the "typical" drama video, i certainly put a lot into re-writing the storyline of vampire knight. I really do feel for Kaname having to marry that stupid cow yuuki at the end of the series, i've NEVER come across an anime character as dumb as she was, so i think in the back of my mind i was making this more to have it end the way it should have. The video seems to have a lot of spoilers... but not to worry what you see here is not what happens in the series :3

    Kaname (brown haired male vampire) finds Yuuki (brown haired stupid girl) lost in the snow and takes her home, at first she's afraid of him but she likes him despite it.
    Zero (white haired boy) is attacked by the vampire Shizuka (white haired woman) and she kills his family, he survives and goes to like with Yuuki. Yuuki takes care of him and when kaname visits Zero attacks him realising he's a vampire, Yuuki forgives him anyway.
    Years later Yuuki is stuck in a love triangle between Kaname & Zero never sure which one to choose, Kaname wants to tae her as his own but it frightens yuuki so he lets her go and she runs to zero. Kaname finds comfort in the arms of shizuka.
    Slowly Zero is turning into a vampire and after time cannot stop himself and he "attacks" yuuki drinking her blood kaname interveines and takes her away. Thinking he's lost Yuuki after seeing her with kaname and hwhat he has done to her, ridden with wangst zero hunts down the vampire that turned him and kills her. Kaname confronts zero and kicks his arse but leaves him alive... so zero kills himself and yuuki walks dreams of shizuka upon waking she runs to zero only to find him dead.
    Shattered Yuuki goes to kaname and asks him to send her to her beloved, she's made her choice and kaname kils her then tenderly kisses her goodbye. (one of the names of this video on the con circuit was "Mortal Kiss" which comes from that last moment but i changed it as i was doing the credits which show an alternate ending - Zero has turned fully and is not dead and kaname has him chained away, after all "how can 1 bullet kill a vampire" - says MD "they are magic bullets, which you see in the show" says Auty "-_-" says MD. So yuuki kills herself for nothing kaname has lost everything and torments Zero for as long as he is a captive ;)

    Programs used:
    Photoshop CS2
    Premiere Pro

    Special Thanks to: Sweetdeily, Eva-Fan, Verses, Meteor Dragon, WC, Lockstock & MaximoffZero *insert those i forgot here*

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