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  • Member: mirkosp
  • Studio: Visual Experience Studio
  • Title: A Xenophobic Outerspace Land On Tangible Limits
  • Premiered: 2009-01-17
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    • Underoath Down, Set, Go
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  • Comments: Uh... so... this video was for an Italian "kinda sorta" IC-like contest. This was my entry for round 1, in which 18 editors had to "fight" in 9 1vs1 "battles". So well, we were given 5 songs out of which we were free to choose one that we wanted, and 9 days to edit it to an anime (or even animes, for that matter, there was no limit in that sense) of our choice. The only limit was that the video had to be between 50 seconds and 1 minute and 30 seconds. So well... initially, not even one of the given songs was possible fro me to edit to. I mean, I didn't have a single clue to which anime use or anything. Then I realized that "Down, Set, GO" by the "Underoath" could work out with "Freedom", and so I went with it. I made a cut to the song so that from 3:44 it lasts 1:24 and then I decided I should edit. Like usual, though, between school and slacking I ended up editing most of it on the last day available. In about 4 hours, clipping included. So yeah... it's one of those effectless videos that most won't really mind, I guess, but I think I pulled it out nice. I have some lyric sync, especially in the first 30 secs or so... for the rest sync is fine, and I think I was able to make it flow nicely and I followed the mood of the song well with the awsm graphics of the anime.
    Ok, that said, I still don't know the results of the contest. I'll prolly edit this out when I'll know if I won/lost the first round. Lol, hey I won. |:> Coo'.
    Also, a note for the title. I seriously didn't have a clue for the title, so for the contest I just named it "Death Match Round 1", but it was way too lame, and since the people I showed it to told me to org it, I was looking for a title. Then Shui told me to call it AXOLOTL, which I thought would be cool, except it wouldn't work well by itself, so I thought about making an acrostic out of it, and thus the title: A Xenophobic Outerspace Land On Tangible Limits.
    Aaaaaand yes, that's about it. The video doesn't really have a specific focus, but it kind of gives the idea of what "Freedom" is and how awesome it is, but without spoiling anything since I only used scenes from the first opening, the first ending and the first episode. So well, check out the show if you still haven't. Like, now.
    About the tech stuff... I made this entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. And, well, I used the nifty stuff in the AMVApp 3.0 Beta for the rest (like clipping in vdub and encoding in zarx264gui, although I used the 1.13alpha version of said gui).
    With all that out of the way, I just have to hope you'll enjoy it a bit.

    LOCAL is H.264 720p
    Indirect 1 is DX50 432p
    Indirect 2 is H.264 720p (Mirror of LOCAL)
    Indirect 3 is H.264 1080p

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