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  • Member: HurQlez03
  • Title: Opus Rei
  • Premiered: 2009-01-17
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    • Madonna Frozen
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  • Comments: Welcome one and all!

    HurQlez here to show you my first AMV of 2009, "Opus Rei". And this one is something special. This is a tribute to the AMV "Rei, Beyond Her Heart" by Studio 606. Some might call it a remake. But it wouldn't be the first AMV on here that is a remake of a older AMV.

    For those of you who know, "Rei Beyond Her Heart" is considered one of the best character AMVs about Rei Ayanami fro Evangelion. The only problem is that the older it gets, the lesser known it becomes. That is why I decided to update the AMV with today's effects and high quality videos.

    You may think I am stealing the AMV but I don't plan to keep Studio 606 in the dark. You can check out the original AMV right here:

    After that come and check out the new version here: "Opus Rei"


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