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  • Member: Ronfar z3
  • Title: Stuck in a Movie!
  • Premiered: 2007-09-03
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  • Song:
    • The Aquabats Stuck in a Movie!
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  • Comments: Received 1st place in Khaneis's AMV Contest #8!!! (The theme was "Pop")
    Received 2nd place in The ULTIMATE AMV Contest #27 (by samuraizylle)!!!
    Received 2nd place in the Ultimate Chakra's AMV Contest #42!!! (The theme was "Movie")
    Received 3rd place in the Contest for any anime or video games!(by tikal777) for April 4!!!

    This AMV is one that I've planned to do for a while now and just got around to it a few days ago. Making this AMV helped me to relax from a very stressful week of classes. I hope you like it! And to make it clear, I do like the One Piece movies. I don't think they're painful in any way. In fact, it's a quick and easy way to watch some One Piece without getting too involved.

    Animé: One Piece (clips from all 8 of the movies)
    Song: Stuck in a Movie!
    Artist: The Aquabats!
    Album: Charge!!

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