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  • Member: Ryvannis
  • Title: Monsoon
  • Premiered: 2009-01-02
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    • Shiny Toy Guns Rainy Monday
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  • Comments: Well this AMV was pretty much something that I did along with my free time during the fall of 2008. I saw 5cm Per Second at the time and it just enticed me, anime does not get any better than that. Almost left a tear in my eye to tell the truth. Enough of that lets talk more about this AMV.

    The band Shiny Toy Guns has become a new favorite of mine, when I first listened to their music I just knew that this song in particular had its fit with 5cm. It was a semi-fast paced song so finding scenes to place in from a slow-moving anime was quiet difficult, but I just know that it fits. But I found it so odd that when I was working on this AMV, things just clicked, as if I already knew what I was going to use ahead of time. Take my advice here, when you get that feeling to make a AMV, do it and trust me on that as you never know what your capable of producing if you can master human emotion.
    Also, finally a band that sounds good and isn't Within Temptation, Linkin Park, etc. The song wasn't even in's database until now when I added it in! So this AMV is a first for the song on the org.

    As the title itself means "a seasonal prevailing wind that lasts for several months", in my own terms I believe the words can be placed in a different context to form a analogy of love's unbreakable connection. And I felt that fits 5cm itself, and my AMV perfectly. I went out of the way and actually researched the meaning for the title, not something that came out of my head.

    I wanted to simplify the entire story into this one AMV for those that have seen it to further enjoy 5cm.
    Yeah, your probably thinking "Yeap this is like every other 5cm AMV.", and now your probably thinking "Yeap he was going to say that I'm thinking that this is like every other 5cm AMV so whatever I don't care.". If your going to have that kind of mentality when watching this then you won't enjoy it. Smack that off your head while watching this AMV, christ.
    Also note that this is the first AMV that I have rendered in 720P, in which it looks amazingly awesome. A MPEG2 version is available for those with weaker computers.
    I will also mention that this is having some issues with VLC player despite its format. So if you have the option please use Quicktime Player, as it works best. If it works for you with VLC then whatever.

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