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  • Member: Ronfar z3
  • Title: Lollipop
  • Premiered: 2007-10-08
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    • The Chordettes Lollipop
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  • Comments: Received 1st place in The New AMV Contest Group (by ShadowDevyn) Round 13!!! (The theme was "Character Tribute")
    Received 1st place in the Kin2Naruto's AMV Contest #33!!! (The theme was "Thing")
    Received 2nd place in Khaneis's AMV Contest #7!!!
    Received 2nd place in The ULTIMATE AMV Contest #28 (by samuraizylle)!!!
    Received 3rd place in the Anime music video contest with themes #9 (by Temari816)!!! (The theme was "Cute")
    Received 4th place in Ultimate Chakra's AMV Contest #17!!!
    Received an Honorable Mention in the ShadwNinjaX's Anime Video Contest #9!!! (The theme was "Love")

    Here's my first requested AMV. I made this for blindasutsutsu and LiangXiaoyung. Special thanks goes out to LiangXiaoyung for getting me the episodes against every fiber of both our beings. For those of you who aren't familiar with the original Japanese version of One Piece, Sanji has a cigarette, not a lollipop. So, when 4Kids dumbed down One Piece to fit the age 7 demographic, they changed his cigarette to a lollipop, which drastically changed the character of Sanji. Anyways, this video shows just how ridiculous this edit turned out to be.

    Animé: One Piece
    Song: Lollipop
    Artist: The Chordettes

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