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  • Member: Zarxrax
  • Title: AMV Experiments: Lame
  • Premiered: 2009-01-04
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  • Song:
    • Serial Experiments Lain - Cyberia Mix "s"peEd
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  • Comments: This is an experimental video. If you download it looking for something similar to my previous works, you will likely be very disappointed.

    I originally had the idea for this way back around 2002 or something, but decided not to do it at that time. I recently remembered this idea after seeing some works by Takeshi Murata (you might be able to find some of his stuff on YouTube or somewhere).

    The idea of this video is that there are many different layers of video, each of which corresponds to different parts of the music. For some time now, I have also wanted to experiment with using compression artifacts as an effect. I did a lot of experiments in this area, but ultimately only took a small step in that direction with this video.

    When watching this video, I would encourage you to wear headphones or turn your volume up such that you can be immersed in the sound, and also sit close to your screen. Don't try to "watch" this video, but rather just sort of let your eyes drift out of focus while you look at it.

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