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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: .:Reversed Studios:.
  • Title: Halcyon
  • Premiered: 2009-01-02
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    • Claire Voyant Her
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    The re-enactment of TF2 in AMV form... according to Yue.

    .. no not rly but theres needles, blood, and stabbings :>

    Anyways, Iriya No Sora is one of those short, underappreciated series that no one edits with so i decided to do it some justice. This vid didn't take long at all.. i did one part about a week ago and then i ended up finishing the whole thing in 1-2 days. The video will probably not make any sense at all for people who haven't seen the series in terms of scene selection and such, but if you have seen it, hopefully you'll understand what I was trying to.. "convey" i guess. ;P




    No one knows her
    I have seen you hold her
    trembling arms and fiery eyes
    things you tell her she wont remember
    the moment is all she holds in hand

    I can see her smile
    I can say her name
    the face I see
    we are both the same
    If I am her
    why do I damn her

    am I hoping she will slowly slip away
    am I hoping she will drown and slip away

    if only this time I would know
    she fakes her mind out in an open door
    she is waiting
    and I know there is still some light around her eyes
    she will make a sad song
    and you knew it was not funny
    she is only seeing you the way
    the way a madman feels inside a lifeless body
    and I know she is only seeing me the way...

    am I hoping she will slowly slip away
    am I hoping I will drown and slip away

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