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  • Member: Moonie
  • Title: Soul Anime Archives: Random Fun Multi-Anime Stuff 4 of 4
  • Premiered: 2009-01-01
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  • Songs:
    • Beetle Adventure Racing (N64) Full Intro
    • Sonic & Nuckles Boss
    • Sonic the Hedgehog Various Sound Effects
    • Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Wing Fortress Zone
    • Zelda Theme song rock version
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    Video Type:Scrapped videos, Practice Files, short segments
    Date: 2004

    These videos include anything from canceled projects,
    short quick segments, AO scrapped videos and other videos I made but never released.

    This video includes 1 AO unused file, A fixed version of my newer amv Idol adventure project,
    and 2 of the Kurumi 16-BIT adventure files.

    The changes in Idol adventure project are very small (a few sync tweaks and quality change) but i decided to add it in here anyway since its a short video. If you want to have it separately, you can get it off my profile.

    The kurumi practices file and just focused on random section from the series synced to 16-bit game music along with sound effects.
    Yep, another one of my weird ideals. ^^;
    They were my first attempt at using sound effects in a video.
    Doing them was good practice and i finally did my real use of sound effects in my Frightful Frantic AMV.
    Even though these videos are nothing major, they are still very important to me and I keep them backed up along with all my other videos.
    A few of them were featured in the WTF MEP


    Important Info About the Soul Anime Archives' AMV releases:
    The Soul Anime Archive videos may include anything from
    unreleased mep tracks, full videos that were never
    released, spoof stuff and practice videos that were
    originally never meant to be released.
    Some videos included can be up to 3 years old and may not
    be on par with the way I currently edit.
    Some practice videos may have issues such as lower
    quality,incorrect AR at some points and VERY
    random scene selections.
    Not everything will have this issue but please keep that in
    mind when downloading a Soul Anime Archive release.


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