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  • Member: Moonie
  • Title: Soul Anime Archives: AO-Hectic Henshin Practice Files Part 2 of 6
  • Premiered: 2008-12-31
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    Video Type:Random Practice Segments
    Date: 2005-2006

    Im gonna tell you right from the start that these videos
    are old practice segments and will most likely give you a WTF moment at some points.
    These videos were originally never meant to be seen since they were basically
    me having fun doing strange things to my favorite scenes from different anime.

    Back in early 2005 when i worked on the Anime Overload
    AMV series, I had one particular episode called Hectic Henshin.
    The video was around 9 minutes long and was a simple magical girl tribute.
    The project was completed but never released with the AO
    series because i didn't like the way it turned out and scrapped the project.

    If you look at my amv profile, you will notice a large gap
    of time between the release of the last AO episode and
    the first MEP i joined later in 2006.
    During that time, i didn't make any videos to release on the site and just did stuff for practice to improve my editing skills.
    Since i have a fondness for Magical Girl themed anime and VGM, i decided to use that and re-open the Hecitc Henshin project files but this time i went to go wild with it.
    Since this was only for practicing, the videos became anything goes
    mixing all kinds of anime together and doing very weird things with them.
    The videos contained alot of unusual events and went from animes like Sailor Moon
    to Ranma to Elfen Lied.

    Even though the videos were never meant to be released
    and to just stay hidden on my HD, I put alot into them
    and worked on stuff in it just about everyday when i
    had free time. The massive amount of work put into
    the videos helped me improve in things like Sync, Crossovers, editing speed and lip sync. Some of the videos even had little plots that continued over in multiple segments.
    The time put into all the practice videos was about a year or a little over
    and if you were to combined every segment I made together,
    it would be between 1 and 2 hours.
    One thing you can notice easily about these is the improvement of sync in these videos from the AO episodes.
    The thing i always wanted to improve in my early work was sync so i worked on different sync techniques in the videos.
    I got real serious with some plots and stuff in the later segments
    and used a wide variety of anime i had available at the time.
    It was alot of fun experimenting with various things
    and using an unual mix of anime thought the segments.

    I don't regret all the time i spent on the weird videos since the practice helped me improve alot in different ways.
    These are some of my favorites of the practice files.
    Don't think i'll ever do something like this again though :)

    Alot of stuff in these will probably make no sense but fans.
    of the sources and/or music might enjoy them.

    If for some reason you actually want to give critique on these, keep
    in mind that they are old and i have progressed a lot since then,
    but feel free to tell me if you actually liked something from these. ^_^
    Note: Not all the anime in the video may be listed


    Important Info About the Soul Anime Archives' AMV releases:
    The Soul Anime Archive videos may include anything from
    unreleased mep tracks, full videos that were never
    released, spoof stuff and practice videos that were
    originally never meant to be released.
    Some videos included can be up to 3 years old and may not
    be on par with the way I currently edit.
    Some practice videos may have issues such as lower
    quality,incorrect AR at some points and VERY
    random scene selections.
    Not everything will have this issue but please keep that in
    mind when downloading a Soul Anime Archive release.


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