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  • Member: Nihuhu
  • Studio: AMV-France
  • Title: Melancholia
  • Premiered: 2008-12-30
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  • Song:
    • Emilie Simon Annie
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    It took me 15h average to make it. I wanted to show that it's still possible to make something interessting with suzumiya.

    Lyrics translation :

    Annie meets friends by coincidence, it has been a long time since she didn't see anybody, not since the Fall.

    Annie falls in love with a boy friend, it takes so long so she gives her little friend up.

    Time flies and catches up little Annie, but very soon after she forgets, she really lacks time but yet she gets bored little Annie.

    I think this is better to read that after watching the amv :

    On the second part of the video you may have thought that i made it in a hurry, well this is not entirely true.
    I didn't have a lot of sources left, that's right, but i wanted to show through the footage and the images the linear life of our heroine after describing her in the first part, so it didn't matter.
    Concerning the way i ended the video this is indeed not really well done ^^'.
    By the way, the second part has 2 purposes :
    - showing how boring and linear her life is
    - affecting you with that boredom :p (thus the video will end when you will begin to get bored huhuhu)
    In this way i thought i could ignore the fact that the clip end suddenly (since when you're bored you wish to reach the end of the amv :p)

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