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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: Tribute to Gojyo X Hakkai - Falling inside the black
  • Premiered: 2008-12-24
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    • Skillet Falling Inside the Black
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  • Comments: * Note* This will be my lastest amv for a while,
    I am going to be moving away Around Jan 3... I won't have internet access for a while till we get a new house * which will be around from 3 weeks or a few months... * I won't anwser or log in YT for a while.... I promise I will be back once I have internet access ^-^ In the mean time, please enjoy my AMVs ^-^ I will miss you guys... Merry Christmas & Happy New years Friends!! ^-^

    This will be my final Saiyuki AMV ^^ ( Since I made so many in the past ^^; but I really want to make an amv for the saiyuki Burial ep 3 & here it is :D)Gojyo X Hakkai AMV :D * If they ever make something new for Saiyuki then I will make more AMVS ^^ I hope you enjoy :D

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