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  • Member: TIGER M
  • Studio: New Sound Productions
  • Title: Grenadier Gackt Vannila: Rushuna wa Vanilla [TIGER M]
  • Premiered: 2008-12-23
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    • Gackt Vanilla
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  • Comments: How’s it going everybody! ^_^

    I certainly hope well! =D

    This is my very first AMV! =D

    This would be the first of several Rushuna Tendou [Grenadier] AMVs to come. :-)
    [Over a period of time. There are several productions in process so stay tuned! ^_~*]

    A special thanks and tribute to everyone’s favorite [yet somewhat under-rated—I think]
    Bust-Bumping-Bullet-Bouncing, Honesty-Wielding-Never-Killing Teenaged-Pacifist! ^_^

    It should be noted that in creating this AMV, my desire was not to create anything “Historical.”
    [If you want to see something more complex-with-effects, then see my other videos].

    The idea here was to ‘sum up’ some of my favorite scenarios from this fun-to-watch anime! ^^
    [After the full and well-timed opening].

    I actually came upon this idea while multi-tasking on my “Video PC”
    [By no mistake named Rushuna-Haruhi: The Success Machine! ].

    I was listening to the [then] newfound-Gackt track Vanilla.

    I had heard on Kawaii-Radio. A SHOUTcast internet radio station specializing in anime and video game music that I think should get more attention and recognition! =)
    But then again… Internet Radio is still relatively new I’d suppose. ^_^

    When Gackt’s song “Vanilla” came on, I was reviewing the intro to Grenadier in the awesome VLC Player. At the time, I had no intention to create an AMV.

    However… as destiny would have it—I mistakenly placed VLC on Mute with the KB-shortcut.
    Vanilla came on—and well… the intro just synced up so nicely to the track… I was like…


    And so thus the TM no Rushuna Tendou/Gackt-Vanilla tribute [idea] was born! ^^

    Feel free to enjoy! =)

    You may download this AMV for personal pleasure as well as my other videos at:


    Hint. There is something for everybody—but not everything is for everybody. ^_~

    Feel free to donate! [Or don’t… XDD]
    But whatever you decide to do…
    Enjoy! =)

    May Athena and/or Allah—Jesus and/or Gautama… The Supreme Ultimate/God…

    Our Creator! XDD [& All Assistants… Including YOU and those you know! ^_^]

    Be with You. ^_~*

    With Peace & Sincerity,
    Forever In Love,
    -Tiger M. Gales [Tuesday]
    -3:04 PM (12/23/2008)

    P.S. Expect at least two more Rushuna Tendou based AMVs in the very near future
    [within two year’s time].

    I am so in love with this blonde-and-bubbly pacifist. =)

    It is not so much her ‘look’ that impresses me
    Although certainly… her outfit(s) double-rock! ^_^
    Not to sassy, not over-classy—and with a honey-drop-and-touch of ‘sport.’ ^~

    It is her persona [character] that most intrigues me.

    She is Playful-yet-Sincere
    [Read: Happily-Serious].

    It still baffles me why is to though a search result for “Rushuna Tendou / Tendou Rushuna”
    Yields only but 8,490 searches as of this writing. :/


    Mai Ii Ka… ^^;

    For the time being—
    She certainly is ‘one-of’ My Vanillas! ^^

    And an all time favorite anime character of mine
    ‘Til the second part Leiafteh! =)

    But let me shut up for now yes? ^^;
    Enjoy the AMV! ^_^
    -Tiger M. Gales [Tuesday]
    -3:12 PM (12/23/2008)

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