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  • Member: Nya-chan Production
  • Studio: Nya-chan Production
  • Title: Little Quartz vs Amber Busters!
  • Premiered: 2008-12-24
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    • Elektel Moon Race -CBN Extended Mix-
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    This idea came to me after watching Amber Quartz opening video, I was just like... hey! This looks exactly like Little Busters opening!

    All in all, what was left was just to take both openings (which is like what... five minutes of total usable footage?) and edit it to some song.

    I apologize for the bad quality of the Amber Quartz footage. Inspiration doesn't wait and this was the best I have at the moment, as Amber Quartz VN is to be released on 23rd January 2009 (the material is taken from promotional opening). I'll probably remaster it when it's out :<

    The aim of this piece was mainly to create an opening to some game, that would be created by combining these two titles, so the vid follows the classic opening scheme pretty much (slow intro, short introduction of titles, introduction of characters, some CGs, some story and talking, some more CGs, credits (and in my case, extra after the credits)).
    Of course, I didn't make the title logo (mainly because I couldn't decide what would be coolr, whether Little Quartz or Amber Busters!), so there it was shorter. On the other hand, there were twice as much characters, so they were kinda hassle to put all in => fast song was a need (and I still left some characters out, sorry if they were your favourite ones! _/o) and so it happened that it's upbeat. I saw it fitting to the pieces. Thanks to mirkosp for the reccommendation~

    The parts I like most are the end (both pan-ups and the saying in the corner - not going to spoil it!) and the second CG part (1:11 - 1:37) - it has precise dealing with speeding up and slowing down depending on the music, while the rhythm stays the same, I think.

    The start isn't bad as well...

    And overally, I really like how it came out.

    The rest is history~

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