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  • Member: Nya-chan Production
  • Studio: Nya-chan Production
  • Title: One Episode Kurama Tribute
  • Premiered: 2008-12-22
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  • Song:
    • Oasis Wonderwall
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    My very first vid, which I kept because of nostalgy and today I am releasing it - mainly for "lulz".

    It has all you need - Watermark? It's there! Lipflap? It's there! 320*240 wmv with awful blocking? IT'S THERE!

    And it's made from one episode only.

    This was obviously made in WMM.

    OMG, it fails so much.

    Made me stop making AMVs for another year and half.

    So yeah, if it wasn't for WMM, you would have probably have more quality vids by me today.

    Not coo' :x

    Enjoy the crappiness. If you can stand it whole, you either like Kurama, the music or crappy vids.

    Or all of it.

    GoGoGo! :x

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