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  • Member: Magnus
  • Studio: DZ Studios
  • Title: Our Farewell
  • Premiered: 2008-12-15
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    • Paramore We are broken
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    Best Romance/Sentimental - 3rd place - AKROSS Con 2008
    Best Romantic - Finalist - Viewer's Choice Award 2009

    I bring you... Our Farewell. By far my personal favorite creation from me thus far.
    Combining my 2 of my favorite sources; Bokura ga ita, my favorite anime. And a song performed by one of my favorite bands, Paramore.
    The animation style of the video source is really unique and might seem a bit odd if you are not used to it. But I have the feeling that anyone who have watched Bokura ga ita, and enjoy the series, will truly be able to enjoy this to it's full potential.

    I started this project by the end of summer break, at Niwa's place (when I just got the DVD's.)
    But edited only for about a day or two, it was first months after, in October until I started editing on it again. While editing I saw a post in the "AMV Contests" section of the forum about this years AKROSS Con and also how they accepted entries from foreign editors this year. So I set the deadline of AKROSS Con as a little goal for some motivation, thus ending up in the finals.

    While editing this video I was mainly focusing on to edit in the way so that I would enjoy watching it myself. Editing the way I thought looked good, only listening fairly to my beta testers suggestions. While experimenting slightly with different ways of capturing the right atmosphere of this song I also wanted to build up a story line.

    The story line might be a bit blurry if you are not able to notice that there is 2 different female characters in it. Nana, our male characters(Yano Motoharu) old girlfriend who's passed away and our second main character, Nanami(referred as Takahashi, her last name.)
    It had been twelve months since Nana had passed away, Yano had met Takahashi, as a classmate in his school. They had fell for one another and was lovers. Now, where we come in, in this video is where Takahashi and Yano's relation have fallen apart. Yano is still stuck with his old feelings for his past love, seeing Nana in Takahashi. Takahashi sees herself as only a replacement after seeing the old picture with Nana and Yano in it. Yet, she was enduring it all until it was over. At the beach was where Yano was left standing alone, with his one love leaving him with tear filled eyes.

    In this video, we follow our characters loose relationship till they part. Going different ways, with what feelings did they part? Why did he leave even after discovering his feelings?

    a really huge, special, amazing, Thanks goes to Niwa-kun! Thanks for buying these DVD's of this beautiful series while being on vacation in japan!

    Special Thanks to -Reda- for the great support and Zero Link for being TK!

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