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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Title: #5. The Great Gurren Brigade Meets Tupac's Crew
  • Premiered: 2008-12-12
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    • (Intro Track) ADV Do It Now - Remix
    • Tupac & Dr. Dre California Love
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  • Comments: Uploaded on youtube on 1/1/2008. My God I had so much fun making this. This amv came to me in a dream I had Thanksgiving of '07, I was drunk at the time but shit, it made damn good sense to me. I decided to make it my 5th amv and upload it on the first day of 2008 since it was a new anime, so I waited to make it around Christmas break from college since it would take all of me to do this and it came out as hardco as my dream. Pac & Dre's video has always been one of the most tightest videos I've ever seen, it inspired me to do this. For the 3 who've never seen it, it's set in the post apocalypse era, almost like the anime I used along with it. TTGL is one of my favo new animes of 2007, everything about it just reminded me of why I love anime. Gainax is still making good shit after Evangelion, Fooly Cooly, and Abenobashi. And you know this, mannnnnnnnn!! I only used the first half of the anime with some small parts from the second half cause I didnt want to give anything away to those who hasnt seen it O_O
    After 14 hours of backtracking, editing, and busting guts, it's done. And by the way, there will be a part two of this in the future.

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