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  • Member: Snowcrash
  • Studio: AMV-France
  • Title: Mind the Gap
  • Premiered: 2008-11-29
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  • Songs:
    • Akira Yamaoka Flower Crown of Poppy
    • John Murphy Go go go
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  • Comments: The TGS (Toulouse Game Show) is a little convention in the south of the France. All people know Japan Expo but not the TGS. In fact, this convention is very recent : there were only 2 editions but it's the most important convention after Japan expo and Chibi Japan expo. So, for this convention, an AMV contest is organized by Shishi (creator of amvdefans website) but this contest have a particularity : a theme is imposed.
    For the 2007 edition, the theme was : "the 80s" (winner : "Antisocial" by Kyden)
    And for the edition of this year : "Underground" was the theme.

    The first three are :
    1. Rody and Frayge
    2. Reznic - Sound of Decline
    3. Snowcrash - Mind the Gap

    Public prize : Snowcrash - Mind the Gap

    You can download all clips (19) on this page:,page_resultat

    So, I have created this clip especially for this contest (it's my second clip). I don't remember how I have had the idea for my clip. But I have a friend (Libium) who resides in London. And what is the name of London subway ? The Underground of course.
    This is a mix between anime (Blood), live action (Night watch, the famous russian movie and Dédales, an excellent french movie) and few sequences of original live action (Thanks to Libium for the videos of London Underground) because the original live action is now popular (Twilight).
    I think I have respected literally the theme. I have edited this clip fastly (in 3 weeks), so I concentrate mainly on the editing and there are few effects. I am satisfied with the result even if there are a few mistakes.
    And the thing I prefer in my clip is the opening and ending (the used map is that one of London underground).

    Enjoy it.

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