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  • Member: Cross/fade
  • Title: Festival of Life
  • Premiered: 2008-12-01
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    • Ronan Hardiman Gypsy
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  • Comments: So, we meet again .... viewers .....

    Last AMV of this year (from me of course :D). The first time the idea for this AMV hit me it was like the biggest WTH am I doing thing in my life. I dont even like dance genre amvs.

    Not to mention drama/serious/instrumental videos that are mixed together .... with a dance ? I mean, thats .... weird. And because it was so out-of-place .... I had to do this.

    The biggest pain .... was music. I like Lord of the Dance album. Great stuff. But its the worst possible thing a human can edit to. Timming was so screwed up to the point when I started putting scenes here and there using something called .... feeling ? It sounds lame, but its true. Person who will master this music should get a Nobel Prize. Heck, I will even let that person hold my Saber figure .... just hold it.

    Music have a delicate feeling about it. So I decided to follow the no-effect way of the AMV's (thats also kind of new for me). Didnt want to butcher this song with some weird flashy-flashy thingies.

    Now, why True Tears ?

    a) I felt the serious/drama/dance thingy will suit it.
    b) not many AMV's of True Tears out there in the first place
    c) just like the song, True Tears anime has this unusual atmosphere .... unique I can say, when compared to other romance/drama series.

    But I had fun, especielly with the scene selection stuff. True Tears is blessed with a lot of heart-warming/dramatic/sentimental scenes.


    Not much to say here. Personal impression of the serie - compressed into those 2 min. I tried to mark all the important parts of the story. The AMV itself can be divided into 3 sections according to the music.
    First one is the most light-hearted one. The second one slowly develops the drama, and finally the last part, when the drama meets the end. Story ends. Everything spiced up using the dance scenes.

    My personal goal was also to present Shinichirou as the character who changes the most. I guess all those clips with chicken can be used as a symbol here as well. Symbol of a boy who becomes a man.

    Edit: Since a lot of people are asking about the "lip-flap matter". Well, um, no. I left those scenes on purpose. Tried to show more emotions, like family yelling at each other and stuff. And I know what a lip-flap is.

    No lyrics this time :D.

    I involved a lot of people for this small project of mine. Everyone is listed in the credits. Thank you.

    Edit: Added an avi file for those who arent familiar with the mp4 stuff. Check indirect download for that one.

    Leave a QC if you feel like it. I like reading those ;3

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