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  • Member: LuluandAuron
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: Little Conqueror
  • Premiered: 2008-02-17
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    • Hoobastank Born to lead
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  • Comments: Well, I'm late posting this video up.

    Now I know it's Dynasty Warriors LOL But this set of videos is more then just game footage. I intensively study the history and novel of this time period of China. So not just a bunch of clips thrown together with cool music (although I can say that sometimes it may appear that way to those unfamilar with that time period) However I hope it comes across as a bit more then that.

    This particular piece took a year to finish, becase like i said, there is very in depth study of what exactly was going on in history at the time. As well as what Generals were serving under this leader. So unfortunately, I can have a ton of footage.....but not be able to use it.

    The antagonist in this video was very hard to incorporate as there is only three scenes of him and he never apears in any scene with the main character of this video.

    I edited this for the purpose of placing high in the 2007/08 video awards at koeiwarriors. The year before I had placed third, and with the majority of voters being non editors, i needed to catch their attention. So as you, my fellow editors watch it, you're going to see stuff in it that looks ridiculous, but .....I really wanted the prizes :D
    Hey...the prizes were nice, and some from the gaming company actually watched the video :D

    I won video of the year and got most of the prizes I wanted.....however, I missed out on editor of the year. It went to comedy (surprise surprise)

    Looking back on the project, I had a great time making this. As for editing...well there's stuff I cringe a bit at, but it was good times. I pushed myself, pushed premiere to its limit. In the middle of the video(you can hear a siren coming in and out), there is a bunch of stuff going on over top of the video faintly. Now I know I could have done that fairly easily in AE, but I wanted to push 6.5 to it's limit. The effect was made separately and was 14 video lines high, Now from an editors point of view, you may not like that piece but I'm pretty happy about getting that to work in 6.5.

    My original description
    - After a year of working on Little Conqueror, it's nice to finally have it done. The most difficult thing to overcome with this video was, no actual footage of the story I wanted to tell. Despite that, I think the story comes across very clear.

    Being a "Wuist", and Sun Ce (Little Conqueror) my favorite character from the Three Kingdoms era, this video is very close to my heart. I feel the song fits well, and even the nemesis Yuan Shu has a great part in this video. I had to take a bit of creative liberty in regards to Sun Quan and Lu Meng, as there age at the time was much younger then the footage I had

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