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  • Member: SF_Phoenix
  • Title: Magical/Stay Night
  • Premiered: 2008-11-29
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    • X Ray Dog Timeline
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    A short project I did in about two weeks attempting crossover fights. In short, its a Nanoha vs FSN and Shana or just one big free for all, however you want to imagine it. I attempted to make this without masking, which led me to look for scenes where attacks from different anime were similar. Some attacks are so generic only the colour makes a difference -.- So a crossover vid with no masking, that's pretty much it. Actually, I lied, there is one scene where I masked out something. (but that would be scary if you can find it, that would mean you know the episodes inside and out =/)

    History behind the vid: This result was definitely not my intention. Originally, I had planned to make a FSN vs Nanoha video with loads of masking involved. This was around June this year. So feeling ready to take on anything, I started the long process. I dropped the project in about 2 weeks - not only was there so much masking that it made me sick, anything I attempted to put together was very unsatisfying. It was the first time I dropped a project that I already started, so I wasn't feeling too good about it if you can imagine. I left some raw clips around hoping that one day I'd have the motivation to mask this project again - yeah right. Fastforward to October after I finished all my mep stuff. I was in the middle of editing a video (which will probably be released next year sometime), when one of my friends, who's not interested in anime or amvs particularily - but likes to look at my work (and we share a common taste for this type of music), introduced me to this song and said that it might make an interesting vid. I thought... maybe... and then went back to editing the vid I was talking about earlier. One hour later, I've got a new project opened with that song and I'm putting Nanoha clips (I know, I'm a large fan =/) onto the timeline. Then I thought, "hey, maybe I can try to revive that project again.." But I decided no masking will be done, mainly because I didn't want to drop it once again and also because the other vid I was making also required masking. *Maybe* one day I'll actually do this project as a non-trailer with masking... maybe... =/

    And that's it for the history, hope you enjoy the vid!

    ***2009 VCA Semifinalist Best Trailer***
    ***2009 VCA Semifinalist Best Use of Instrumental Music***

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