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  • Members: Autraya, -MD, MaximoffZero
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Gothik
  • Premiered: 2008-12-06
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    • Within Temptation Our Solemn Hour
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    Autraya: "Ahh after more than 9 months it's done, I've wanted to do something to this song since i saw a beta that sweetdeily made and never finished, and i've wanted to make something with Rob again since our collab on the video "Live to Fight", we just seem to have similar tastes and styles this was also a chance for me to experiment with a few things within a gothic theme. As per usual our collabs turn into some action lubbing arse kicking but eh that's what I like editing the most. it's funny but whenever i work with him there was no stress (with the exception of eva-fan having to drop out when we were 90% done :p ) luckily MD rose to the challenge and saved our collective arses ;3. So this is MaximoffZero's last hurrah before wanders off and retires from editing T_T we will miss him and the torch has passed now to MD as this is his debut as part of the studio ;) Anyway don't expect effects galore or some super obscure intangible concept, this is us editing the way we like with a mixture of action and storyline and tying together our sources under a common theme, editing because we enjoy it and for the last time"

    MaximoffZero:I have to admit I wasn't very enthusiastic about this project when I agreed to help in it. In my more recent AMV projects I have tried to focus on concept/story and the concept of this MEP sounded too oh-here's-another-random-action-MEP-ish. Also, I at one point made it a rule that I would never use the same anime twice (especially in a row), but at the time Danielle gave me the invitation I already had DMC at the ready so I just (reluctantly) chose to use it again. Once I started working on it though, I really got into it. I found some footage that was perfect for the song and I even got to include a bit of a story arc which, being that I have both the beginning and the end of the video, worked out very well. I like working with Autraya and she makes for a great project coordinator. I appreciate all the advice and help (and exposure) that she's given me and I hope I did this project of hers justice.

    MD: "I happen to come across an anime, Strait Jacket, when I heard the there might be a spot open in the Gothik MEP.....I was actually surprised I was given a shot lol I quickly found out that....Strait Jacket is very limiting but I guess we made it work. Thanks to Autraya, Maximoffzero, and Eva-fan for entrusting me with the segment in the MEP....I hope I didn't do too bad. (I’m surprised Aut could put up with me and my lateness) Thanks for accepting me into Walküre studios. I’ll do my best (I’ll definitely try harder to meet standards…hopefully exceed) and I hope to have a great time editing with Walküre. Thanks"


    0.02 - 0.35
    2.30 – 2.50
    2.56 - 3.20
    3.32 – 3.44
    3.53 – 4.17

    1.33 – 2.29
    3.26 – 3.32
    3.38- 3.53
    4.00 - 4.17

    0.35 – 1.34
    2.50 – 3.00
    3.20- 3.28
    4.00 - 4.17
    Intro, credits & project Co-ordination

    Outro Song: Ending Theme from Highlander the Raven
    Programs: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After effects.

    Special thanks to: King David, Eva-Fan, Requiett & anyone I've forgotten

    Awards & Contests
    WAICon 2009 - "Judges Choice"
    WAICon 2008- "Best Action"
    Broward Anime Festival- "Best in Show"

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