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  • Member: Metro
  • Studio: metro productions
  • Title: Glory
  • Premiered: 2003-04-15
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  • Songs:
    • James Horner All Systems Go - The Launch
    • James Horner Apollo 13 Main Title
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Several times I came very close to dropping this project. It was very difficult for me to nail down the central concept of the video. On one hand I wanted to create an inspirational video that dealt with glory and more importantly the struggle necessary to attain that glory. I also wanted the video to be made in the same style as other great baseball movies such as "The Natural" and "Field of dreams." Sort of a nostalgic look at the innate joy of baseball.

    The inspiration for this video actually came not from the series, but instead from the trailer. The show on the other hand was disappointing. The show generally used stock characters and situations that did not appeal to me that much. However, Princess 9 did contain themes that I was attracted too such as struggling in the face of opposition, glory, competition, teamwork, reliance on other and various other themes. Also in-between Princess 9's dismal production work was an artistic style that I really liked. I feel that the trailer picked up on this style and subsequently so did my video.

    The audio for this AMV was challenging. I wanted to use a song that has a great clash of symbols and trumpets yet still maintain a somber mood through portions of the song. I planned on using the great clash to show the triumph of competition while using the somber mood to show the joy of just tossing a ball around.

    The song I eventually decided on was a remix of a couple tracks from the Apollo 13 sound track. Working with the song was somewhat difficult. Obviously, the soundtrack doesn't have any lyrics, so I couldn't use lyrics to provide structure for the video. Overall, The audio required me to give and take a little more with this project then with my previous videos. It is ironic then that I remixed the audio to better suit my needs

    Overall I am pleased with the video. It can definitely be better but I felt that I presented some of the aspects I liked about the anime series in a respectable manner. I do enjoy the ending though, and I hope the viewer does too.

    metro productions
    Jonathan Reed

    *there may be some small spoilers*

    Added a mpeg1 version

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