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  • Member: Rider4Z
  • Studio: Otaku Lounge Productions
  • Title: Lord of the Anime
  • Premiered: 2009-01-01
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  • Songs:
    • Ronan Hardiman Cry of the Celts
    • Ronan Hardiman Nightmare
    • Ronan Hardiman Victory
    • Ronan Hardiman Warriors
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  • Comments: I had a random person come up to me at a convention recently, not even around amvs at the time, and they asked me if i was the creator of Lord of the Anime. With a big smile i said "yes i am!" And i was told by that person that whenever they are need of feeling good they play my video :'). I gave that total random person a big hug, I felt so blessed at that moment.

    Let me clarify right now and say i didn't make this video to be innovative. I made it for my love of Lord of the Dance. Simple as that.

    I really gotta say, of all my videos Lord of the Anime has definitely received the most thoughts and opinions on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. i've had several comments saying it's absolutely brilliant, while plenty have said WTF?
    that being said, you really have to decide for yourself how you feel about this video. some have gloriously accepted what i've done here, and others think it's downright blasphemy. you choose how you feel.

    Ohayocon 2009 Finalist - Drama
    Fanime 2009 WINNER
    - Judges' Choice: Best Experimental / Audience's Choice: Best Experimental and Best in Show
    AX 2009 - AmTV Pro WINNER Creator's Favorite
    Anime Evolution 2009 Runner Up - Upbeat / Fun
    Animethon 2009 Finalist
    Kita-Kon 2009 Finalist - Dance/Fun
    Youmacon 2009
    WINNER Best Dance
    Anime Los Angeles 2010 WINNER - Judge AND Audience Choice: Best Pro
    Nekocon 2014 Battle of the Greats Runner Up - Upbeat

    VCAs 2010 Semifinalist: Dance, Dramatic, Instrumental, Multiple Anime, Artistic, and Original

    Prepare yourself. You are about to embark on an epic journey into the imagination of Hayao Miyazaki and the talents of Michael Flatley. This unprecedented cross between animation and live dance will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat.

    (how's that for a build up! ^_^ hehe)

    THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE SHORT ATTENTION SPAN VIEWER. at almost 6 minutes, this video will take you for an emotional roller coaster. it has it's soft moments, fun moments, dramatic and heart racing moments.

    About Lord of the Dance:
    Lord of the Dance is an Irish musical and dance production that was created, choreographed, and produced by Irish-American dancer Michael Flatley, also its star. Music to the show is written by Ronan Hardiman. ~Wikipedia

    The audio is my own mixture of four separate tracks which include:
    Cry of the Celts (0:00-2:17)
    Warriors (2:17-2:52)
    Nightmare (2:52-3:54)
    Victory (3:54-5:51)

    There are several elements of the Lord of the Dance i wish i could have included in this project. But my purpose was to glorify Miyazaki's animation and to use the Dance as an enhancer. but at the same time, i wanted to give Lord of the Dance exposure to an audience who may easily enjoy it. (i fell in love the first time i watched it.) If you enjoy this video, i strongly recommend you purchase the DVD and/or the soundtrack. It all takes on a much more intense feeling when you can actually hear the taps of the dancers overlaying the music.

    Beta/gamma testers:
    Castor Troy

    editor's notes
    at almost 3 months in the making, this video has more thought, effort, and attention to detail than any other video i've made to date. i wanted so much to make my own Miyazaki tribute, and i simply adored the soundtrack from Lord of the Dance, so i cut together 4 of my favorite tracks (and what i thought would make the best story). i don't remember exactly at which point i decided to add in actual footage from Lord of the Dance, but it was the smartest move i could have made.
    i didn't know every scene i wanted before i ripped, so i just ripped EVERYTHING. i really wish i could have included the movies Totoro and Porco Rosso, but my poor computer was hardly able to handle the 7 movies i had already ripped. plus I couldn't picture any scenes from them that were dynamic enough for me to include. but they are still indeed movies worth owning.

    it's funny, it's as hard for me to pick a favorite miyazaki movie as it is for me to pick a favorite track/dance from Lord of the Dance.

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