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  • Member: Kaveman
  • Title: Pieces of One Piece: Special Edition - A Salute to Brook
  • Premiered: 2008-10-28
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    • Austin Powers 2 Throw me a Frickin' Bone Clip
    • Barenaked Ladies Falling For the First Time
    • Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear the Reaper
    • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Bone Bone Bone
    • Boy George Do You Really want to Hurt me?
    • Casper Sound Clip Die if I want to
    • Celine Dion I'm Alive
    • Chumbawumba Tubthumping
    • Dance Man Afro Gunsou
    • Dr. Reanimator Move Your Dead Bones
    • DragonForce Through the Fire and the Flames
    • Dub Piece Sound Clip
    • Flock of Seagulls I Ran
    • Frank Sinatra I Get A Kick Out Of You
    • George Thorogood and the Destroyers Bad to the Bone
    • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Sound Clip
    • Little Richard You make me Wanna Shout
    • Mighty Mighty Bostones The Skeleton Song
    • Muppet Treasure Island Professional Pirate
    • Noburo Kakuda Kero to March
    • Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters
    • Scooter Fire
    • Shocore Bonecracker
    • Strong Bad Deleted
    • The Nightmare Before Christmas This is Halloween
    • The Union Underground Turn Me on Mr Dead Man
    • Wham! Jitterbug
    • World of Warcraft Leeroy Jenkins
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  • Comments: No it's not PoOP 4 (but that'll come later) instead we have a special video to celebrate the anime awesomeness of greatest character in all of One Piece ever since Luffy first burst out of that barrel.

    Be warned however, thar be spoilers ahead!

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