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  • Member: FoxJones
  • Studio: Moenmar AMV Refinery
  • Title: Hello Milkyway
  • Premiered: 2008-11-11
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Mr.Bungle Goodbye Sober Day
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I have finally done it! an AMV that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever \^^/

    This project dates way back, to the first years of my AMV "career". I had idea for this combination very early but for various reasons it took me this long to actually start making it. Main reason is that my lazy butt didn't hunt down all the DVDs until just recently. First two DVDs I found long time ago in a local store, and some time after that I got the 4th one (I don't remember where). Of course I really wanted to see the series completely, but once again there's a whole lot of other series that caught my attention. Finally, this year, I hunted the 3rd DVD from the net so I could finally watch the whole series and possibly make this AMV.
    At the time my inspiration to make AMVs was a bit low. I took a break from editing and my job took most of my free time anyway.
    Few weeks ago I broke my knee in a floorball match and had to take a sick leave. (while writing this, I'm still waiting for a time for surgery) This meant I suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands and with this nice medication I'm on I decided to use this free time to edit shit ^_^
    To my surprise I got my spark back and it took me little time to finish this one, compared to some previous projects that lingered in my harddrive for months before they were ready.

    ..and what about the AMV itself.. well.. when I started to think about the right category for this one I soon noticed that only right option is "other" ^_^' Just see for yourself..
    (really.. the original idea was not this.. mad..)

    I think universe got something against this video. When I encoded (or tried to encode) the final file there were constant black outs. When I finally got the file ready to be uploaded to, the bloody site itself went dead.

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