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  • Member: Darush
  • Studio: Nanvelle Studios
  • Title: BECK ~ Live & UNCUT
  • Premiered: 2007-12-06
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  • Song:
    • Third Eye Blind 1000 Julys
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  • Comments: Well, here we have one of my earlier projects.

    The story behind it:

    I started this AMV project late 2005, I guess it was November or so.
    The idea is somewhat what the title implies.. I tried to go for the whole LIVE feel to try make it seem as if BECK were playing a live performance.

    And so the great project began with this great idea. I started editing this project using Adobe Premiere 6.5. Around 1/4 way through the project I got AMV editors block as I couldn't find any good way to progress any further. You could say I reached a dead end as I couldn't find the appropriate scenes to fit my videos overall theme. So I kind of let this one slide by leaving it in the dust.

    Along comes the day 2 years later in 2007 where I find myself wanting to create an AMV for an upcoming AMV competition which was to be held that December. This happened a few short months after the completion of my trailer AMV "The Guardian" which was completed in August. I had a few good ideas for new AMVs but couldn't really find a song to my liking to use for any of them which is when my brother suggested I complete the BECK AMV I started 2 years earlier.

    I thought this was a good idea as I already knew what I wanted to do with this video and I already had my anime and song combination. So this was the best coarse of action to take.. Now the plan was to complete this AMV for the competition in December. So I dug up my old BECK project which I neglected for two years (Yes I still had that project on my PC.. Believe it!!) and set off to collect my source footage again from scratch. I used my old project as a reference for the scenes used in the first minute or so which I originally had completed in the first project. Mind you, I had to get those scenes again as I wanted higher quality.

    And so the AMV was revived and completed.

    About the video:

    As mentioned above, I tried to give this video the whole LIVE feel but not only is it live, It also should give off the feeling of being a music video of sorts such as what you see on TV with bands and music artists etc. I also made it so that it seems as if the song is being sung for/about someone. The parts with the chorus show scenes of Koyuki and Maho and the time they spent together. So it may be showing off a small romance between the two. The video switches between the shots of the couple and the band and is implying how their relationship developed and it also describes how Koyuki feels about Maho.

    Some may think this video is similar to 'Enoz feat. S.O.S Brigade: "Forever" ' by Bakadeshi.
    Well yes, while it is similar, I shall stand firm and keep this idea as my own as I believe that I came up with it first so I shall frown upon anyone who thinks that this was copied from someone elses work xD. Someone else just beat me to it by finishing their AMV first LOL. Oh and I do recommend you go see this AMV by Bakadeshi if you haven't seen it. I really like it.

    Why only put up the video now? Well, I did have to redo the whole video after leaving it alone for so long. Also,after it's completion I just didn't think I should upload it for some odd reason and so a year has passed. Now I finally have the guts to put this up.

    The advantages of waiting this long are:

    * Improved video quality (I learned better techniques to preserve video quality.. xD)
    * Better editing software (Upgrade to CS3)
    * Better video encoding (MP4 FTW)

    I think that's about it.

    So get your backstage pass, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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