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  • Member: JadeCharm
  • Title: Ouran POP
  • Premiered: 2008-11-07
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  • Song:
    • N*Sync Dirty Pop
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    At the beginning of 2008 i resolved to realize this project. It didn't take a long time until i found the anime that i want to use, the main problem were my doubts:
    How should i do this? Am i able to do this? Is the combination of anime and music mistaken?
    But then i accepted the challenge and started. When about 15 seconds were done, i stopped. Didn't know how to go on...didn't find the right scene....
    Then i stopped working with this AMV for 2 or 3 months. In the meantime i made two other AMVs ("Two fates" and "Just more"). I really hadn't the heart to continue with it.
    After this time i remembered: You ever wanted to make an AMV with this music. It can't be that you give up so easily!
    I think this was a good thought because until then i really wanted to finish the video and i hadn't any major problems with finding a scene.

    All in all i could say, that i learned very much with making this AMV and i had a lot of fun with editing it. Somehow it makes me sad that it is finished now...

    I don't know if the result is good or not - maybe i watched it too many times - but it is my favourite music with my favourite anime. And this is what an AMV should be ^^

    Have fun!

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