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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Those Who Dream
  • Premiered: 2008-11-05
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    • Theme song from the 10th Kingdom OST wish upon a star
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  • Comments:
    Originally this was going to be a short steampunk themed peice to Howl's moving castle for WAI-con, however there is not theme category there so once i was clipping Grave of the fireflies (which i have never seen) i knew imediately what i would make instead. And shifted the focus away from Howls and onto GOTFF instead.
    You don't have to have watched the movie to understand this.

    I didn't cut the audio, infact i ripped direct from dvd it is only 1 min 21sec long, i did try and remixs it to make it longer but alas it's a constant build up and i just couldn't get it to work.
    The audio i originally had pegged to use during the manifest IC but err Mark switched out our audio at the last minute so i've had this song in my head for a while and finally got around to making something with it.

    The outro song is "A sorta fairy tale" by Tori Amos (i've been asked twice now)

    Short story synopisis:
    Sitting desolute the boy (who's name i don't know having not seen the movie) is remembering, burning the body of his little sister (who starved to death i think in the movie) their travels together after their home was destroyed and their parent killed and all the stories and dreams they shared, the fantastical being much prefered to harsh reality, he's slipping closer and closer to death where they are together once more.
    When you're a child it's so much easier to imagine, to live in dreams, and hope is such a fleeting thing.
    Not all ghibli movies have a happy ending.

    Editing time: 15 hours
    Programs used: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, AE 7.0 & Photoshop CS2

    Some quotes:
    InfinitySquared: "I think I need to go slash my wrists now"

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