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  • Member: mirkosp
  • Studio: Visual Experience Studio
  • Title: Cookies
  • Premiered: 2008-12-25
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    • Petit Love
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  • Comments: A little vid I made using Lucky Star... with this vid, I ironically wanted to show some love between Konata and Kagami... that's right, this is supposed to be an upbeat-ish shoujo-ai vid.
    So well, while the concept might be kinda original (haven't seen any other KonataxKagami amv prior to this, maybe some slide show on the tube but that's it), the execution... is kinda cliché. Lots of colors, stars, masks and so on, and so forth.
    Hopefully, it'll still be enjoyable... I actually put a lot of effort into this well, I can't really say that 'cause if I didn't slack and actually put more effort into this, it would have been ended by August, I think, but still I did do my best to make it, as hopefully it shows. I started it in mid-April, and made maybe the first 10 secs or so... then didn't do anything in May. Then in June, my internet died, and I was almost 2 months without internet... so I edited a bit during June and the first half of July, and I eventually reached about 45 secs, I think. Then in about mid-July my internet came back to life, so I didn't edit until the very end of August. Then in September/October... I didn't edit much, really, school was already a PITA on that side, but I was able to pass the minute mark. I eventually sent a beta version to Youmacon, and apparently most of the crowd went "WTF!" since it ended suddenly... sorry for that! ^^' Then in November school really killed me, and slacking aside, I could really edit for only about a week total in the month. Then I decided that I had to release it by Christmas 'cause it would have been cool since there was this special xmas edition of the 'Pan Di Stelle' (my favorite cookies... yes, there *IS* a reason for the title to be 'Cookies', and yes, those cookies would be the ones in the background of the intro), and did my best for it, even if school was even more killing.
    Anyway I digress, you prolly aren't much interested in how much I slacked to edit this, so...
    ...yeah, there isn't much else to this. I love the KonataxKagami pairing, and since I had quite some fanarts laying around, I decided that it was doable. The song didn't take much time to find... since I'm a DDR/StepMania addict, I decided that this was the perfect song very soon, since I wanted to use a song that had lyrics about love, yet had a funny/joking tone to it. I used the DDR cut version of the song, 'cause I would have lacked scenes otherwise, and I tried to follow the lyrics as best as I could (granted, in a point specifically, since I didn't have any clue to a usable scene, I actually went on and used a scene that looked almost the exact opposite of what the lyrics said).
    Here's the lyrics of the song, if you're interested:

    La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
    Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha,

    La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la,
    Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha,

    I thought a little bit of you today
    Look how I fancied up myself for you
    So look a little bit at me today
    You know you gotta try a little harder
    So you can be my, my, my, my darling!

    Smile a little smile, let’s enjoy the moment now
    And just have a good time
    (A good time!)
    Try it baby, “Good!”
    Just a little bit of lovin’, gonna feel so fine

    Is it really true that you feel the same way too
    And hope we’ll be together?
    Now you know that I love you
    Love you - love you, love you, love you
    Love’s true, love you – love’s true, love you, love you!

    When I’m sitting thinking of (Wow, wow, wow)
    The funny word we call love (Wow, wow, wow)
    I still don’t think of you at first
    My family still comes above

    If you wanna capture me (Wow, wow, wow)
    It’s as simple as can be (Wow, wow, wow)
    Mr. Lennon said it, “All you need is…”
    Mr. Lennon said it, “All you need is…”
    Mr. Lennon said it, “All you need is love,”
    My love - my love, my love, my love!
    My love, my love - my love, my love, my love! (Whoo!)

    Btw, to edit this I used:
    - Photoshop: for the star brush... >_>"
    - After Effects: for the backgrounds full of star-shaped particles and the masks.
    - Premiere: Main editing tool.
    And obviously the various stuff in the AMVApp, in order to filter, encode, etc.

    Uhm... anything else... oh, right.
    Special Thanks go to (in alphabetical order):
    annyaonweb, Claff, Falconone, Flo', junnina, Koopiskeva, LukeG, Malificus, Meteor Dragon, ngsilver, Nya-chan Production, osnar, Shui, simofc90.
    Hopefully I haven't forgot anyone.

    The drumroll in the intro isn't from the song of the amv, it's from a song by "hito-ookami->fether->AM" and called "happines^3 ocean (Re-fine)", if you're interested.
    Oh, and I have used a kind of spoiler-ish scene from the Lucky Star OVA in the credits... I didn't list it in the sources since I haven't used it in the actual amv, but consider yourselves warned... >_>"

    Well, that's all, hope you'll enjoy the vid!

    UPDATE: A 720p upscaled version is now available. While the bigger resolution doesn't bring more actual detail, I postprocessed it so that it should look better, especially on bigger monitors.

    UPDATE 06/04/2010: This video has been featured on The Shades' fandom paradise!
    You can check it by clicking on the following stamp:

    - Winner of Best Technical category at Youmacon 2008
    - Finalist in Upbeat category at Ohayocon 2009
    - Finalist in Upbeat/Other category at Tekkoshocon VII
    - Finalist at Japan Expo 10 - 2009 (23rd place)
    - Semi-finalist in Best Dance Video category at Viewers Choice Awards 2009
    - Semi-finalist in Best Fun Video category at Viewers Choice Awards 2009
    - Semi-finalist in Best Romance Video category at Viewers Choice Awards 2009

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