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  • Member: Nya-chan Production
  • Studio: Nya-chan Production
  • Title: Sometimes, It's About Me
  • Premiered: 2008-10-20
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    • This Day And Age Sometimes
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    This is my entry for the first round of the Project: Editor.

    In the first round, we were asked to describe ourselves with an AMV (yep, the Character in the Character profile ish me ;x ).
    I chose this song (which I first saw in kewp's AMV, so sorry for stealing it) and Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko, because I thought it'd describe me pretty much.

    And I was right.

    This vid was pretty much Iron editor'd (made over a day, with a limit of a week) and it's completely in my style - simple clean cuts all around, yay!
    In fact, the most work I had around how to make 4:44 long anime into 1 minute long AMV... but I think I managed it quite well, in the end.

    I have added some credits in the start, so it's now even more slow and boring. Like me. Yay!

    Anyways... I'll paste a part of the essay which we should've made here:

    "So this AMV is supposed to tell something about me, hmmmm. Let's take it one thing after another.

    The mood of the AMV - Even if it doesn't look so (f.e. on IRC), I am usually more of a loner and melancholic in my private life. I speak rarely and my audio player plays about 70% of melancholic/romantic things.

    The cat - I am a cat person and proud of it. I hope that when I get a flat I'll have a cat or two there.

    She/He - I have no problems with changing gender on the net. When someone asks me for my gender, I usually respond what does he think, and if he thinks I am a guy, I agree. The view of the other side is more important.
    So I guess the whole song/AMV is about me, one part visiting and leaving the other part of me...

    Trains - I prefer trains to every other mean of transport, seriously, trains are awesome! o/

    Winter/Spring - My favourite year time (winter a little more). Summer is scary...

    The interiors - I like them being "granny-ish". It has its own magic, the old furniture and appliances... Guess I have too many grandmothers I visit.

    The style - It's simple, as well as almost everything I do. When I do banners, they are simple, when I cook, it's simple, my AMVs, my avatars and signatures, my skins, my attitude... I am a simplistic person.

    The audio - It's complete (even though there is a small piece cut out), which also says it's me. I hate unfinished things. And I "especially" hate unfinished songs, be it alone or in AMV.

    Well, I suppose that you know pretty much about me now. Nya-chan, signing off..."

    I have left something out (the judges can feel special, tehehe).

    Be sure to get the compilation of Round 1 and the other rounds as well (if they got out when you read this, hehe)!

    And if you got here - congratulations! You win the price of feeling special now, because I allow you to feel so! Now get the AMV! ;O

    (#1 Route is awesome song)

    Special notings

    - the black border isn't my idea, it was there in the original anime and I didn't see why to crop it out.

    - the shortness is caused by the time limit for the competition.

    - the whole vid is a little grainy (not to be confused with pixelated) - that is also the feel of the original anime, it has many transitions in and out of grainness.

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