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  • Member: guy07
  • Studio: Syntax Error Studios
  • Title: Ever Sunset
  • Premiered: 2008-10-24
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    • Stabbing Westward Waking up Beside You
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    It took me 7 months, but it's finally done. My first romance video ever, so be gentle. ; )

    Plot: Kei (glasses) can't tell of Mizuho-sensei (red hair) is real or not. That's why there is he b+w feathered effect whenever she's on the screen. Obviously a loser and overall retard, he finally gives up and is all "even if she is fake, she's better then what i have now!" And in the end she's real. Then he wakes up and ...LE GASP! She's been there the whole time and it was all a dream. Forget all of the 3 year coma/alien teacher stuff, just imagine Kei and Mizuho as a regular couple. Well, as regular as a student/teacher couple is. The rest of the video you should be able to figure out by yourself.

    This video was made in vegas. Color adjustments, external effects, internal effects, cropping, everything. Take THAT you AE freaks! :P

    I actually put a lot of artistic work into this video, like the symbolism @ 3:25. If you don't get it, too bad, I'm no spelling the whole video out for you. : /

    Also, yes, there's lip flap. It adds movement to the video, if i took it out it would look too static. I tried, looked like crap. I took out like 30% of the lip flap and left the rest.

    And anyone else i forgot for beta testing.
    And a special thanks to the koopster for figuring out the code for posting the poster.

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