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  • Members (12): Arczi, -Heero-, Cross/fade, Cwistak, Derudo, Kare, Mol, OnI18z, Szwagier, bobok, schen, wyspa
  • Title: Why so Serious? MEP (Polish)
  • Premiered: 2008-10-21
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  • Songs:
    • 003 Dlaczego
    • 2001: A Space Odyssey Main Theme
    • 300 300 Trailer Audio
    • 666 Alarma
    • Apocalyptica Path Vol. 2
    • Ascetoholix Suczki
    • Big Cyc Atakują Klony
    • C&C Music Factor Everybody Dance
    • Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson Beauty and the Beast
    • Chłopaki nie płaczą sound clip
    • Coca Cola Lime Commercial
    • Diablo (game) sound clip
    • Dragon Ball Z sound clip
    • Dragon Force White Winter Night
    • Edyta Górniak Kolorowy Świat
    • elektryczne gitary Pomyłka
    • Elmo and Kid Shut the f**k up
    • Enigma Return to Innocence
    • Hoobastank The Reason
    • Incubus You will be a hot dancer
    • Inspector Gadget "Inspector Gadget" theme
    • Iwan i Delfin Jej Piękne czarne oczy
    • Jesper Kyd Hitman 2 Theme
    • Lion King Just can't wait to be King
    • Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring trailer
    • Maryla Rodowicz Łatwopalni
    • Matrix traileraudio
    • Mc Archero Piosenka o Tibii
    • Monty Python sound clip
    • Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat Theme
    • MTV Movie Awards Star Wars Tribute
    • Mucha nie siada sound clip
    • Pete and Brian Knock Knock
    • Pokemon Sound clip
    • Queen I Want it All
    • Simple Plan How could this Happen To Me
    • Sokół feat Pono Będę Brał Cię w aucie
    • south park Sound Clip
    • Spec A ona robi loda mu
    • Stars in Black Trailer sound clip
    • Stephen Lynch Best Friend Song
    • Supafly sound clip
    • TATU Nas ne dogonjat
    • The Dark Knight The Dark Knight - Theatrical Trailer 3
    • The Police Every Breath You Take
    • Tomasz Karolak Anarchia
    • Włatcy Móch Lekcja 6
    • Within Temptation What have you done
    • Zabili mi żółwia Dlaczego
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  • Comments: Hello everybody, I proudly present to you the first Polish MEP.

    It all began 2 months ago (August 2008), we were doing a night show of AMV Hell during the Piernicon Convention (which is the biggest convention in Poland), me and Szwagier. Even though, it wasn’t our first presentation of this AMV, a lot of people had gathered who were interested in it, and there was lots of laughter. While I watched the show, and listened to all the cheerful laughs and comments on various tracks of Hell, I thought to myself: “It would be fun to make a Polish version of AMV Hell, and see how everybody react and laugh to our version”. And that’s how it all began. A week after the convention, I invited 17 polish amv-makers to the project. 12 of them accepted the invitation. The rest had to refuse because of various different reasons (mostly because of lack of time and / or no idea).

    The Rules:
    Everybody had to obey the following rules:
    - everyone had a free hand in music / sounds / quotes and anime choice
    - the number of tracks one maker could send: unlimited
    - the tracks had to be funny, the level of fun was to be judged by the ‘jury’
    - NO hentai materials were allowed

    What else?:
    After receiving all the tracks, our 3 ‘judges’, Szwager, Aceman, and me, assessed all of them, in order to choose only the best ones. In short, we had received 80 tracks (15min), from which only 65 (10min) passed our evaluation.

    The following translations and descriptions were created in order to explain Polish parts of our M.E.P – WHY so serious. Because some of the jokes are connected strictly to our polish realities and in some part culture, even with exact descriptions they might not be understandable – for which I apologize.

    TRACK 2 (Onegai Twins)

    The soundtrack comes from a popular polish rap song, the lyrics are as follows:
    - I will make out with you in my car.
    - With me
    - Yeah
    - In car
    - Mhm

    TRACK 3 (Onegai Twins)

    Another polish song, this time not so popular. The joke comes out of lyrics:
    She's making him a blowjob
    because she can
    She's making him a blowjob
    because she like it
    She's making him a blowjob
    it is so beautiful

    TRACK 4 (Death Note)

    Polish song
    -Shalala do me good, while doing scat

    TRACK 7 (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

    Another polish rap song, this one tells about the importance of playing games:
    I’m playing still playing all the time, cause I have time. I have to get higher level, so I’m playing more and more. I’m ambitious. Playing is my motto so when I can, I play the game.

    TRACK 10 (Chi's Sweet Dreams)

    A popular polish pop song, the keyword to understanding here are the black eyes, girls with black eyes are beautiful right ? The lyrics go as follows:
    -Her beautiful black eyes
    -You dream about them
    -You won’t miss them (meaning in a crowd)
    -I know you won’t

    TRACK 11 (Mononoke Hime)

    The whole joke is connected to blood donation. The rest is obvious…

    TRACK 18 (Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan)

    A song about anarchy it just goes anarchy, anarchy, anarchyyyy

    TRACK 20 (Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan)

    This soundtrack comes from a polish fun-made short clip that mocks star wars
    The lyrics go as follows:
    Empire attack the Earth.
    The invasion proves the seed of evil.
    (in the polish version he speaks with mistakes and in fun Yoda way)

    TRACK 21 (Final Fantasy Advent CHildren)

    A popular polish pop song. Hard to translate actually, it literally goes: and we are so flame-able

    TRACK 25

    Closely associated with polish political scene. A song about our current president and his brother. Well, some people thought that they are not brothers, but that one of them is a clone This song is about that:
    That this is not my brother, but he is my clone. Clones attack, Clones Attack, there will be millions of us, today we will conquer Polish and Europe, tomorrow the world.

    TRACK 26 (Death Note)

    The soundtrack comes from a criminal comedy “Killer”
    -Hi Killer
    -Mister, there must be some kind of a huge mistake. It’s not my fault that my name really is George Killer, I’m a taxi driver number 7775

    TRACK 31 (Haibane Renmei)

    Another polish criminal comedy, this time its “Chłopaki nie płaczą” which can be translated to “Big Boys don’t cry”
    - He was very lucky; the bullet stopped at a metal plate, which was implanted in his forehead.
    - What the fuck is he, Robocop ??

    TRACK 34 (Sailor Moon)

    Well, the soundtrack was created using the IVONA voice modulator, a really fun toy, there are many short clips on youtube that make fun of popular programs, by changing the dialogs. This one is totally senseless:
    Let’s make haste, were wasting time spinning around, like bunch of drunk idiots during wedding party.

    TRACK 36 (Mononoke Hime)

    Polish version of the colors of the wind from Pocahontas
    - You think I'm an ignorant savage
    Rest is again, obvious

    TRACK 40 (Azumanga)

    Ok another track, this time it’s a part of our president’s speech. We got a saying that what’s white is white, and what’s black is black – it’s not racist, this an polish idiom that means that something is obvious, easily understandable. Now, our president wanted to say something like They won’t convince us that white is black, and the black is white – so the opposite of something obvious, or a lie. But instead he said they won’t convince us that white is white, and black is black. Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound funny, but believe me – here half of the country was laughing their asses off….

    TRACK 41 (Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale NOc hi Guu)

    A short funny track saying: short was that mouse’s fucking flight

    TRACK 42 (Elfen Lied)

    This soundtrack comes from a animated serial Lorts of the Flys (there is a mistake in title in polish too, made on purpose). This funny guys says:
    - She has no dick
    - No WHAT ?!?
    - Well… you know, penis; do you have one ??

    TRACK 49 (One Piece)

    Well the guys is simply screaming GOAL all the time

    TRACK 54 (Cowboy Bebop)

    This comes from a polish criminal “Dogs”
    - Because, she was a bad woman.

    TRACK 58 (Naruto)

    Polish rap song:
    Hey bitches, na na na na, we know all your tricks, na na na na

    TRACK 60 (Naruto)

    Another polish rap:
    Walking down the street, people look at me. They seem to know me. They would like to beat me hard. BUT WHY ??

    That is all I wanted to say, enjoy the show, and I hope everybody will like it : )

    Special thanks go to:
    Aceman and Szwagier (for help in assessing all the tracks)
    Kaeth (for additional ideas, and betatesting of my tracks)
    Wyspa (for making our wonderful poster )
    -Heero- (for help in translation of Polish tracks for foreigners)

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