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  • Member: Anime Cowboy
  • Title: Armitage Saga
  • Premiered: 2003-04-14
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    • Sevendust Praise
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  • Comments: !!SPOILER ALERT!!
    (this AMV contains ending scenes of both Armitage poly and dual matrix)

    This one is going to haunt me, since I can't make myself re-edit the thing since I have my whole originality trip and all that. I couldnt help myself from splicing both series, but that was probably unneccesary since the transition through the two didn't feel right to me (oh well).

    The overall AMV is mainly a trip through the life of the good guys, the start and end of the movie is showed by the sunrise and sunset, while dramatic pauses have nothing to do with the AMV except to get a few well timed kicks and shots in. As for lyp syncing goes, i didnt really want to use any but a few spots seem like an attempt, but besides that i only used the dialogue as a narrator.

    The stats, suchas time, completed AMV number, and the ever forgetful trips to Starbucks:
    20 hours(divx should not be used on adobe premiere)
    3rd, or 4th, if counting the miserable dbz AMV.
    5 double shot expresso's =)


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