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  • Member: hbi2k
  • Title: hbi2k's House of Horrors
  • Premiered: 2008-10-09
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    • "Weird Al" Yankovic Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters from a Planet Near Mars
    • "Weird Al" Yankovic George of the Jungle
    • Bad Religion Sorrow
    • Futuristic Sex Robotz The Positronic Pimp
    • Jonathan Coulton Still Alive (JoCo and GlaDOS Duet)
    • linda o Because the Night (Patti Smith Cover)
    • Reefer Madness OST Lonely Pew
    • Sesame Street The Song of the Count
    • South Park Movie OST I Can Change
    • Spike Jones Der Furher's Face
    • Survivor Eye of the Tiger
    • The Who Won't Get Fooled Again
    • Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Junior's Happy Handbag Mix)
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  • Comments: Winner of the Phoenix Comic Con Audience Choice Award (18+ Category)!

    I created this as a Halloween special for the viewers of my YouTube channel. As is so often the case, though, I grossly overestimated my ability to keep any given project "on the backburner" and so wound up finishing it very early, so I'm posting it here first.

    I'm currently working on a "con edit" for submission to the Phoenix Comic Con 2009 AMV contest next January, which will be essentially the same except that I will omit the title card and remove the "bagel" bit from the final clip (since that joke won't make much sense to anyone who hasn't seen my Gantz: The Abridged Series). I may also decide to rework the Naruto bit slightly so that the lines are spoken by characters from an anime rather than by still pictures of myself and Gantz, I haven't decided yet. However, I consider this version the most complete and definitive, so it will be the only one made available here and on YouTube.

    I've been wanting to make an AMV Hell / Narutowned style quick-cut compilation for a while. First I considered doing one for Berserk in lieu of abridging the finale, but went another direction with the finale instead. Then when I decided to do one for Halloween, I considered making it Hellsing-only, but I wound up using some ideas I'd had for the abandoned Berserk project, and once I'd done that it only made sense to include other shows as well, and I wound up with the version you see here.

    I can definitely see why this style of AMV is so popular nowadays: this was incredibly fun to make, since each individual segment only took maybe an afternoon or so of work apiece. Also it allowed me to use some ideas that NEVER would have been able to sustain themselves over the course of a full-length AMV.

    The ending was essentially written by committee: originally I simply used the original Family Guy clip with Brian and Peter talking, but my girlfriend had been bugging me to put some Death Note in there and this seemed like a good opportunity. She also suggested using the picture-in-picture thing to link it to the last Alucard-as-the-Count bit. BennettheSage of Elfen Lied Abridged, on seeing an early version, suggested that I put some bleeps in that audio clip to match the Alucard-as-the-Count bits. I toyed with bleeping out the words "blood" and "sustenance" as well to give the impression of some horrific sex act, but ultimately decided to stick to just bleeping "kill" in order to preserve some of the link between that bit and the preceding bit, without entirely losing the original gist of the Brian-and-Peter joke.

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