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  • Member: Malificus
  • Title: Schmetterlinge und Regenbögen
  • Premiered: 2008-10-03
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    • Pokemon Believe in Me (German)
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  • Comments: Here's the line that started this entire AMV. German music makes good horror amvs, right? And it just so happened I did have some German music. It just so happens it was all pop. It also happened top be that 4 of those songs were Pokemon themes (I knew I'd come up with a use for all those foreign language themes eventually).

    So I had to decide on a pokemon intro, I had everything from Orange Islands, to Master Quest. Orange Islands and Johto were too bouncy, so it fell between Johto Champions and Master Quest, with Master Quest barely winning.

    Then I needed horror anime. I went with Cossette and Hellsing Ultimate.

    Maybe I should have watched horror amvs first. (thanks to Falconone for help with the title)

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