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  • Members: VegettoEX, MeriC
  • Title: DQCF+P
  • Premiered: 2008-09-19
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    • Yoko Shimamura, Isao Abe Spring Thunder
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  • Comments: The title of this video is an extension of the video I made for the Retro Video Game Project back in 2004, QCF + P (being the standard fireball-motion in all Street Fighter games).

    Needless to say, this is a Street Fighter video. The song is a megamix of the eight "Word Warriors" individual theme songs.

    This is actually an idea I had for several years, and simply never got around to making come true. I went back and forth on turning it into a little multi-editor project (maybe with people picking anime characters that halfway resembled the Street Fighter counterparts; for example, Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 is Chinese, so she could be the Chun-Li portion of the song). That never really went anywhere, so I just kept the idea in the back of my head.

    Many years later, I decided to simply turn it into a standard "tribute" video, and indeed make it a multi-editor project... the "multi" being Meri and myself. We would split the eight characters among the two of us, and stitch it together into one fun tribute video. We meant to do it for AWA Expo 2007, but didn't get around to it for nearly a year, and ended up making it for AWA Pro 2008.

    RYU: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie - Meri
    GUILE: Street Fighter II V - VegettoEX
    Chun-Li: Street Fighter Alpha OVA - Meri
    E. HONDA: Street Fighter US Cartoon - VegettoEX
    DHALSIM: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie - Meri
    BLANKA: Street Fighter US Cartoon - Meri
    ZANGIEF: Street Fighter Live-Action Movie - VegettoEX
    KEN: Street Fighter II V - VegettoEX
    ENDING: Street Fighter IV - Meri & VegettoEX

    It was incredibly tough to decide upon which footage for which character. We knew we didn't want to use a source more than twice in total, so that helped dictate the assignments a little bit. Characters like Dhalsim were incredibly difficult, since he literally does nothing but sit around in nearly every Street Fighter animated (or otherwise) incarnation. We considered using College Humor's "The Later Years", but decided that it would slightly kill the impact of using the US live-action movie (plus there wasn't enough higher-quality footage available for download). We also had no idea what to do for the ending of the video, but luckily some HD anime footage from Street Fighter IV hit the 'net the week or so before the deadline, so we were able to incorporate that (and drop hints at Akuma/Gouki and Gouken).

    We had fun making the video, and it was great to engulf ourselves into all the various Street Fighter material again.

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