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  • Member: Hentai Sweetie
  • Title: Hentai Sweetie's AMV Hell 1
  • Premiered: 2008-09-26
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Batman: The Animated Series OST Harley Quinn's : I Never Knew
    • Dr. Tran Toy Cack
    • Eric Herman Dance Like an Animal
    • Family Guy Sound Clip
    • Kingdom Hearts 2 Sound Clip
    • Lemon Demon Dance Like an Idiot
    • Lemon Demon Geeks in Love
    • Liu Yi Fei Door Of Midnight
    • Puni Puni Poemi Audio Clip
    • south park Chocolate Salty Balls
    • Stephen Lynch Love Song
    • ThouShaltNot If I Only Were a Goth
    • Weird al Your Horoscope For Today
    • Wizard of Oz If I Only Had a Heart
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Intro: Picture made by me; song- Door of Midnight by Liu Yi Fei
    1st: anime- Death Note; song- If I only were a Goth by Thou Shalt Not
    2nd: anime- Excel Saga; song- Horoscope for today by Weird Al
    3rd: anime- Boko No Pico; audio- Family Guy (Stewie Kills Louis part 1)
    4th: videogame- Kingdom Hearts 2; audio- Kingdom Hearts2 & Dr. Tran, Toy Cack
    5th: anime- Princess Tutu; song- Dance Like An Animal by Eric Herman
    6th: anime- Eiken Club; song- Make My Boobies One More Size by Weird Al
    7th: anime- Kare Kano; song- Geeks In Love by Lemon Demon
    8th: anime- Death Note; song- Salty Chocolate Balls by South Park
    9th: videogame- Kingdom Hearts 2; song- If I Only Had A Heart by The Wizard Of Oz
    10th: anime- Puni Puni Poemi; song- Horoscope for today by Weird Al
    11th: anime- Princess Tutu; song- Dance Like An Idiot by Lemon Demon
    12th: anime- Fruits Basket; song- Harley’s song from Batman the animated series
    13th: videogame- Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories & KH2; song- Love Song by Steven Lynch
    14th: anime- Death Note; song- If I only were a Goth by Thou Shalt Not
    “Pervert” audio from Puni Puni Poemi; image of my mascot made by me traced from a Melancholy of Ms. Susumiya patch
    This is my own little version of AMV Hell which I am a big fan of X3. This is almost 3x the length of my Death Note comedy skits video. The 2nd ˝ took me forever because it stared freezing for 30 seconds every time I tried to edit a clip for some reason. The 2nd Princess Tutu thing (at #11) was added in last minute, after the video was pretty much finished, to go along with the first one because the #5 one kinda looks stupid on its own so I’m glad I put it in there. Dancing like a bird and dancing like an idiot fits the star character so well. ^^-
    P.S: I forgot that I used some clips from the last episode of Princess Tutu for #5 so it should have been labled for spoilers, sorry. ^^;

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