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  • Member: kenohomari
  • Studio: Nova Soft
  • Title: distant heaven (ver2.0)
  • Premiered: 2008-09-25
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  • Song:
    • Enigma (1 song) Snow On The Sahara
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  • Comments: (THIS VERSION IS FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO HAVE DIFFICULTY RUNNING SOME VIDEO FILES.) It took a bit to fix the error but this is the working file enjoy the video. >>>3rd time's the charm. -
    Well I'm back with my second video and this time I put some time and effort into it. I wasn't pressured for time as I was last before, so it took about 12 hours. Though I liked how the first video turned out (my gift to jaime) that premiered 1 week ago, it was not as well done as I would have liked it to be.

    My next video has much more detailed planning, plus better graphics and I am happy with the results.
    The video Distant Heaven is based off a song by Enigma that problebly most have not heard unless you are a fan. I felt the song would go perfect with Kingdom Hearts and I hope that everyone enjoys the video.

    This time I would appreciate the opinions of anyone who watches this, so I can see areas I need to work on or just plain good ideas.

    PS (if you read the preview last time, my wife has seen the video and she loved it)

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