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  • Member: Rock Bird
  • Studio: Black Hat Studios
  • Title: Haruhi - Me Against The World
  • Premiered: 2008-09-18
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    • Superchick Me against the world
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  • Comments: I made this as a practice with AE and Lip Sync. It took me about two weeks to finish this, partly because school started and I didn't had too much time to edit.

    Plot: The real world of Haruhi is in WoW, the land of Gods. She came to the earth and she's not aware of her powers. She's against the world, because she wants to change it so she use this song to express her feelings. This is her life and in the end she actually change it.

    I used AE to make the effects and Movie Maker for the sync , because my Premiere and Vegas are totally broken, and I really felt the need to edit.

    Lyrics: Superchic[k] - Me Against The World

    Wanna quit and give up
    Simon says to pack it up
    Shot down from all sides
    Don't know why I try
    So take this and kiss it
    Goodbye won't miss it
    I wanna go back to L.A.
    I don't belong that's what they say

    They said don't try to change the world
    You're just a girl
    So it' against the world today
    I'm gonna do it my own way
    And though nobody understands
    I'm gonna make a one girl stand
    It's my Independence Day
    I can't waste time on what they say
    If we believe when we have faith
    We're gonna change the world someday

    Back again one more time
    Couldn't keep me down last time
    Leaving what I know on faith
    To take on the world and make waves
    Still standing defiant
    Maybe me against the giants
    L.A. wasn't built in a day
    Games going long but I still play


    (echo) If we believe, when we have faith
    We're gonna change the world someday


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