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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Kings in Check
  • Premiered: 2008-09-17
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    • Bob Evans Nowhere Without You
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  • Comments: Pure delightful Kyouya/Tamaki shounen-ai fluff.

    Made completely with clips from only the last three episodes, so spoilers for the final episodes.

    This is the story of how Ootori Kyouya fell in love and battled all sorts of problems (like his own feelings and familial disapproval and intervention) to stay with his true love, Suou Tamaki.
    Yes, really, that is the main theme. Squishy Kyouya, fun yet odd, but it works for this AMV, I promise. And lots of sparkly Tamaki.

    I love this vid, it's probably one of the most cohesive I've made and I love the way the story is played out. I love the music as well. More the melody and instruments than the lyrics (take the interpretation of the verses with a grain of salt, pretty please). It tells a real story, not just expanding upon a theme like my many other AMVs.

    I did cut the song down, but I don't think it detracts from the vid at all.

    Yes, there is also a fic in the works to compliment this AMV and it will likely be slight more in character than the AMV portrays our lovely Hosts.
    But still, this is a fun, romantic fluffy AMV and I hope all the Kyouya/Tamaki fans enjoy it.

    Kings in Check:
    The epic story of two kings in love.

    At first glance Ootori Kyouya fell in love with the beautiful sparkly Suou Tamaki. He tried to fight it and deny it even to himself but Tamaki was just too lovely to be ignored and Kyouya gave in to his feelings.
    All seemed well until Kyouya's father discovered the relationship and forbade Kyouya to see Tamaki. Tamaki's father went one step further and arranged a marriage.
    Thinking all was lost, Kyouya agreed to his father's terms and left Tamaki and Tamaki reluctantly agreed to marry Lady Eclair. Both were completely miserable with the situation, but it wasn't until Kyouya learned that Tamaki would be leaving for France that he realised he loved Tamaki too much to let him go.
    Kyouya chased Tamaki down and confessed and Tamaki was ecstatic, thinking Kyouya didn't care. He broke it off with Eclair and stayed with Kyouya, defying their families' wishes, and lived happily ever after.

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