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  • Member: Psygirl12
  • Title: Orochimaru Loves Me!
  • Premiered: 2008-09-12
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    • Dream He Loves U Not
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  • Comments: Oh yes. New AMV :D. Except for little things I always mess up on, I really like how this came out :D. A bit different from what I usually make though XD.

    Anyone recognize this from my "Naruto- Teh Random Flasshness 3" :3?

    Entering in the 2008 Zenkaikon AMV contest :3. Wish me luck X3!

    THIS IS COMPLETE CRACK XD. As in it's kinda stupid O_o'... I don't really support the pairings or anything, but I DO love making fun of them XD.

    This contains yaoi. But it's crack yaoi. It's just for laughs :).

    Inspired by Purin91's AMV "Sasuke Loves Me! Dream On He Loves You Not!" If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's 10 times better than mine X3!

    This was my first timing using a lot of lip-syncing on Pinnacle. I think I did a decent job with it, but I messed it up on quite a few parts ;_;... In my defence, it's hard to lip-sync using Pinnacle sometimes cuz it freezes a bit and it tends to be hard to tell if it's actually synced well or not D:. So please forgive my mistakes ^^'...

    Programs Used: Pinnacle Titnium 10.5
    Adobe Photoshop CS2

    The rest of the info is listed in the credits :3.

    100% crack for 100% kids :3... Or otakus O_o...?

    This is purely fanmade.

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